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Prospective Students

A girl who travels frequently on assignment as a teen model.

An eager student looking to take courses that are not offered at school.

A boy whose family is in transition due to job transfer or military reassignment.

The kid who prefers the computer to the classroom.

As the saying goes: “Different strokes for different folks.” That’s the beauty of Berks Online Learning. It’s a solution that works for many different students in many different situations.

With BOL, students enjoy the benefits of individualized online learning options while also experiencing the benefits of being enrolled in their school districts. That means that BOL students may participate in school activities, sports, and events. Most importantly, once they’ve met their graduation requirements, BOL students receive a diploma from their local school district.

If you think Berks Online Learning may be the right option for you or your child, please consult the FAQS and Enrollment Process pages for more information.


Prospective Students graphic