Berks Online Learning  

 Content Editor

Just as all learners are different, so too are the people who teach them and the circumstances in which learning takes place. Berks Online Learning (BOL) offers Berks County students significant opportunities and advantages that other cyber and charter schools cannot.

BOL students remain enrolled in their home school district, which allows them to participate in the same school programs and activities as traditional classroom-based students. BOL students can still enjoy field trips, sports, social events, including the prom, and other aspects of student life. Best of all, BOL students earn a diploma from their home school district and graduate with their friends after they have completed their rigorous BOL education.

A timely innovation from the Berks County Intermediate Unit (BCIU), Berks Online Learning provides engaging, effective courses from several leading online education partners, as well as the vital personal and technical support that will equip learners of all ages for success. BCIU serves as a single point of contact between students, home school districts, and online education providers, ensuring a seamless, rewarding experience at no cost to students.

Berks County Intermediate Unit offers the BOL cyber option to school districts at a cost that is significantly lower than the prices charged by for-profit cyber schools. As a result, while students benefit from high-quality online learning with superior local support from BCIU personnel, school districts and taxpayers enjoy substantial cost savings. Berks Online Learning provides the best of both worlds: virtual learning and real-world cost effectiveness.